What is JuryCheck?

JuryCheck provides an easy-to-use courtroom tool to quickly detect under-representation in a venire, and access to a unique collection of venire composition data. The application is free.

The application is free.

In All Criminal Prosecutions, The Accused Shall Enjoy The Right To A Speedy And Public Trial, By An Impartial Jury Of The State And District Wherein The Crime Shall Have Been Committed.

-Sixth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution

Input Jury Demographics

With a few clicks, select the state and county of your trial and enter the size of the jury pool. Then input the demographic information for the individual jurors. This can be done during ongoing jury selection or in the calm of your office.

Get Immediate Results

JuryCheck compares your venire composition with the latest official census data for your county. Our results page will highlight underrepresented groups based on the three judicially recognized disparity tests.

Build and Access Aggregate Data

Save your venire analysis to your personal account and (optionally) our publicly accessible database. Feeding our database will help to build a unique collection of jury pool composition data. Your data will enable trend detection, comparison between counties and more powerful arguments in court.